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The following disclaimer and terms of use apply generally throughout Black sea advertising and may be changed at anytime without prior notice. By using this service you agree to the terms of use for this site.
Black Sea Advertisements operates its services in accordance with European Union advertising standards. However, and whilst we do monitor the honesty and validity of all adverts placed on our site we act only as a third party introduction to viewers. We accept no responsibility for any mis advertised products and or services. We will not be liable for any losses incurred by advertisers or buyers. Use of this site is on the understanding that parties will not call us into any dispute they may have with each other. We will however investigate any complaint made against an advert or advertiser.
We are not a free advertising site, however every member will be given a credit for one single advert for 10 days duration. All other adverts will be chargeable at our posted rates.
We will not allow any adverts that contravine the laws of the European Union member States and other Eastern European countries. We will contact the relevent authorities if we see adverts posted for any service, item or substance that is illegal. We reserve the right to cancel or delete any advert that is offensive and to revoke membership of the advertiser, in which case no refund will be given against any payments made..
No details of any member will be given to anyone other than on the explicit instructions of a court order or governmental order. To ensure complete privacy, the site does not allow any on site transactions other than to make contact with the advertiser.
For advertisers protection all photo listed in adverts will carry the black sea advertising watermark, stopping visitors from using your photos.
Advertisers are not allowed to advertise guns, ammunition,explosives or any other item or substance that can be used as a weapon.